June 3, 2013

Agenda for tonight's Dalton City Council meeting


JUNE 3, 2013

6 P.M.



1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Public Commentary

4. Minutes: Regular Meeting Minutes of May 20, 2013

5. New Business:

A. Dalton-Whitfield County Planning Commission Recommendations:

To Make A Recommendation Concerning The Request Of Lowell Planzer To Rezone 6.00 Acres From Low Density Residential (R-1-A) To Commercial Restricted (C-1); The Subject Tract Is Generally Located North And Adjacent To The West Hill Cemetery And Is Accessed From Jernell Street And Lewell Street.

To Make A Recommendation Concerning The Request Of The Mayor And Council Of Dalton For A Text Amendment To The Dalton Zoning Ordinance Regarding Review Of Public And Private Cemeteries In Certain Residential Zoning Districts As A Conditional Use.

B. Ordinance – Final Reading:

Ordinance 13-03

To Amend The Zoning Ordinance Of The City Of Dalton, Georgia By Amending Article VII Captioned "Use Requirements for Residence Districts"; By Amending Section 7-1 Captioned "R-1A Residence District (Low Density)"; By Amending Sub-Section 7-1.3 Captioned "Conditional Uses"; By Adding Sub-Sub-Section 7-1.32,  "Cemetery, Public or Private", As A New Conditional Use; To Provide For An Effective Date; To Provide For Repeal Of Conflicting Ordinances; To Provide For Severability; And For Other Purposes.

C. Ordinance – First Reading:

Ordinance 13-04

To Amend The Charter Of The City Of Dalton, Georgia, First Approved February 24, 1874; (1874 Georgia Laws, P. 181) By Amending Article IV Captioned “Mayor And Council; By Striking, Deleting And Repealing Section 4‑3 Captioned “Quorum Designated” And Substituting In Lieu Thereof A New Section 4-3 Captioned “Quorum; Voting”; To Provide For An Effective Date; To Provide For Severability; To Repeal Conflicting Ordinances; And For Other Purposes.

D. Renewal of Contract with Shaw Contract Flooring Services, Inc. d/b/a Spectra Contract Flooring for Maintenance of Floors at Dalton City Hall.

E. Agreement for Airport Planning Assistance between the Georgia Department of Transportation and the City of Dalton for Phase II of Land Easement Acquisition for Runway 14 RPZ and Approach at Dalton Municipal Airport.

6. Supplemental Business

7. Adjournment

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