September 30, 2011

Agenda for Monday's Whitfield Board of Education meeting

Whitfield County Schools



   October 3, 2011

6:30 pm  Call to Order and Roll Call

    Moment of Silent Reflection

    Inspirational and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag – Northwest Whitfield High

    Instructional Report – Northwest Whitfield High

    School Council Report – Northwest Whitfield High


    ●Lowe’s Toolbox Grant – Southeast Whitfield High School

    ●Lowe’s Toolbox Grant – Eastside Elementary

    ●Make A Difference Day Grant – Valley Point Middle

    ●School Bus Safety Poster Winners

    ●Georgia Appalachian Center for Higher Education

Executive Session


Approval of Consent Agenda Items:

1.  Approval of Minutes – September 12, September 26, 2011

                2.  Adoption of Agenda

3.  School Fund Raiser Requests

4.  Overnight Field Trip Requests

5.  Bus Request

Hearing of Individuals and/or Delegations – Please limit comments to 3 minutes

Superintendent’s Reports and Recommendations:

    A.  Teaching and Learning Reports and Recommendation

          1. Sarah Hoskins – Overview of Special Education Services


    B.  Operations Reports and Recommendations

          1.  Construction Update


    C.  Support Services Reports and Recommendations


    D.  Financial Reports and Recommendations

1.  General Funds                             

                      2.  Capital Project Funds


                E.  Human Resources Reports and Recommendations

          1.  Personnel Recommendations


    F.  Previous Business


                G.  New Business



Board Members Comments and Reports

Other Information Included in Board Member Packets