April 11, 2012

Agenda for Career Academy board of directors meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

April 12, 2012

8:30 a.m.

Call to Order

Welcome & Introduction of Members                Tim Campbell        

I.  Agenda – 4/12/12        

    Minutes – 1/23/12

II.    Principal’s Report                        Tim Fleming

New Board Notebook                 

Space Needs for FY 2013                            

Dual Enrollment Coordinator Position

Tuition for Non-District Students

College & Career Fair        

II.    Chairman’s Report                        Tim Campbell

III.    Old Business

Update on STEM                    Tim Fleming

Charter Renewal Status                Tim Fleming


IV.    New Business                            Tim Campbell

Teacher Budget Requests

Approve Meeting Schedule

Board By-laws

Board Chair & Vice Chair Positions


Upcoming Events in Spring

May 1        Blood Drive                

May 4        Career Fair – Trade Center                

May 7        CNA Graduation

May 7-11    EOCT’s

May 24        Graduation – 4:30 PM                             

May 25        Last Day of School / Early Dismissal

May 28        Memorial Day - Holiday    

May 29-31    Post Planning - Teachers

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