July 13, 2009

Births 7-12

Hamilton Medical Center has announced the following births for the area:

• Dana Lollar, a daughter, Electra Cheyenne, June 24.

• Brooke Smith and Aaron Osborn, a daughter, Makenzi Alexandria, June 29.

• Samantha and Wayne Turner, a son, Brody Hudson, June 29.

• Maria and Audencio Aguilar, a daughter, Camila, June 30.

• Courtney Ball and T.J. Oehlson, a son, Knox Aiden, June 30.

• Emma de Lara and Cesar Moreno, a daughter, Larissa, June 30.

• Ivan Lopez and Fernando Torres, a son, Fernando Daniel, June 30.

• Soledad Pena and Christian Torres, a daughter, Leighanne Anahi, June 30.

• Yermalinda Ramos and Mario Reynoso, a son, Elmer, June 30.

• Tina and Mark Short, a daughter, Summer Haven, June 30.

• Trang Thy Tran and Toan Van Le, a daughter, Katelynn Ann, June 30.

• Dana and Robert Buck, a daughter, Madison Faith, July 1.

• Alissa and Jeffery Dunkleman, a daughter, Justine Marie, July 1.

• Jonnie and Aziz Jaffer, a daughter, Zayna Elaine, July 1.

• Lacee and Blake Kendall, a son, Ozlan Carter, July 1.

• Maria Pina and Julio Herrera, a daughter, Alondra Manzano, July 1.

• Maria and Juan Resendiz, a daughter, Jatziry, July 1.

• Genie Silvers and Terry Newton, a daughter, Zoe Elizabeth, July 1.

• Heather and Chad Windom, a son, Reilly Cole, July 1.

• Jovana and Herbert Blanco, a son, Hector Gerardo, July 2.

• Jessica and Reed Holcomb, a son, Tyler Reed, July 2.

• Kendra and William Souther, a daughter, Shaelyn Marie, July 2.

• Kimberly Sanford and Leonardo Garcia, a son, Felipe Augstin, July 3.

• Sandy Wisner, a son, Peyton Riley, July 3.

• Erin and Richard Warden Jr., a son, Adley Lowis, July 4.

• Danielle and Bradley Burgess, a daughter, Amberly Anne, July 5.

• Melissa and Joey Goble, a daughter, Zoey Cheyenne Taylor, July 5.

• Miranda Norman, a son, Kyler Chase Landon, July 5.

• Tonya Roden and Daniel Perry, a daughter, Chase Akota, July 5.

• Alejandra Mena and Jose Avila, a son, Alejandro Jose, July 6.

• April and Torrey Miles, a son, Cason Gage, July 6.

• Maria Rivera and Nicolas Manriquez, a daughter, Chelsea Naomi, July 6.

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