September 25, 2010

Two people killed in Murray County plane crash

Rachel Brown
Dalton Daily Citizen

DALTON — Two people are dead after a plane crashed in Murray County late Friday night and a third victim was flown to Erlanger Medical Center.

Murray County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board investigators are all at the site off Center Hill Church Road today.

Sheriff Howard Ensley and eyewitnesses said two men and one woman were in the Cessna plane that had left from Florida and was headed to Chattanooga when it crashed in the front yard of a house off of Center Hill Church Road less than a mile from the intersection of Ga. Highway 225 at about 10:45 p.m.

Ensley said the individuals have not been identified. The cause of the crash has not been determined, he said.

Several members of the family whose yard the plane crashed in attempted to pull the victims from the wreck but were able to save only one of them.

“That was very heroic of the family,” Ensley said. “The people that lived here, they did their best to help each person that was in the plane.”

To read more about this story and hear from the family that tried to save the people in the plane stay with and see Sunday’s Daily Citizen.