November 24, 2013

Shaw flooring undergoes endurance test

Randy Merritt, president of Shaw Industries, said people in the local community can feel “proud” to know a homegrown company has put a product in Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The flooring, which was revealed Monday morning during a ribbon cutting ceremony, is laid out in the 12,000-square-foot Vanderbilt Hall in the north side of the terminal. It will be there until Dec. 24 when holiday shopping comes to an end.

“Each piece of flooring installed throughout the Vanderbilt Hall and at Terminal entrances was carefully selected to complement the iconic architecture of the historic building,” according to a press release from Shaw Industries. “Shaw’s Design Details in Grand Central Red lines the Holiday Fair aisleways to welcome guests in the same way celebrities were greeted at Grand Central Terminal dating back to the late 1920s. Park Avenue resilient in color Grand Central, a luxurious resilient plank from Shaw’s new 5th & Main collection, is underfoot throughout Vanderbilt Hall for a realistic hardwood look made for high traffic areas. Hudson Bay hardwood in Copperidge, part of the Epic Legends collection, is an eco-friendly floor that leads guests through the hall from the main Terminal into the fair. Shaw’s red all-weather carpets will invite visitors to the fair at each entrance.”

The hardwood floor has been designed to withstand enormous traffic, said Shaw executives, adding that the millions of daily shoppers who walk the floor will be the true test of resilience.

“It’s the busiest room in the world,” Merritt said. “We’re excited to show off the resilience of our product.”


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