January 3, 2008

Shaw Industries recognized for environmental efforts

For the third consecutive year, the California Integrated Waste Management Board acknowledged Dalton-based Shaw Industries through its Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP).

The four Shaw facilities in California that service the Tuftex and Designweave brands received the WRAP designation. The California Integrated Waste Management Board has administered this program for 15 years “to publicly promote businesses locally and statewide that implement environmental best practices for successful reduction of waste disposal in landfills.”

During 2006, Shaw Industries diverted approximately 14 million pounds of recyclables from the landfill, resulting in an estimated $1.6 million in savings through waste reduction, reuse and decreased landfill costs. Shaw Industries is currently pioneering a wet lint capture system that will further reduce the amount of waste generated from the manufacturing process.

“Shaw continues to be committed to responsible environmental practices and strives to implement additional means of reducing waste,” said Jim Cusick, director of manufacturing. “A cradle-to-cradle design mindset is how we approach the production of carpet. By reclaiming carpet at the end of its useful life, we are producing new fiber and backing from these reclaimed materials. Our reliance on virgin raw materials is decreasing and cradle-to-cradle design prevents our products from being sent to the landfill.”

The Shaw Environmental System is an Environmental Management System, a set of processes and practices designed to reduce environmental impacts and increase operating efficiency within manufacturing plants.

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