February 26, 2013

Dalton State College volleyball tryout planned for Thursday

From Staff Reports

— Local high school volleyball players will get the chance Thursday to try out for Dalton State College’s new program.

Northwest Whitfield coach Jennifer Quinn is organizing the tryout, which is free and scheduled from 4-6 p.m. at the Tunnel Hill school’s gymnasium.

“I just emailed everyone that I knew and most of the club schools in the area,” Quinn said. “Most of the girls are signed by now, but some aren’t.”

Bruna Langner is the first Dalton State volleyball coach after the institution rebooted its athletics programs last year. Langner, formerly an assistant coach at Tennessee’s Lee University, was hired in December.

She said juniors and seniors are invited to participate. The goal is for “between 14 and 16 girls” in the program for the first season, which begins next fall.

Earlier this month, Kailey Vaughn became the program’s first signing.

“Juniors, we can look at them and talk to them for next year,” Langner said. “The seniors, if we look at them and like them, we can ask them if they want to play with Dalton State.”

Quinn said anyone who is interested should contact her through Northwest and must get a Dalton State and Northwest insurance waiver signed by a parent or guardian before participating.