November 12, 2013

Dalton High threat ‘not credible’ (Updated 2:40 p.m.)

Dalton High School has resumed a normal schedule after a lockdown this morning in response to someone anonymously calling 911 about a rumored threat.

According to school officials, the threat came in before 10 this morning and Dalton Police investigated. Police Department spokesman Bruce Frazier said the caller heard a rumor that someone was going to “go up to the school and shoot people.”

“Students and staff remained in classrooms with no one allowed in or out of the school until 11:50 a.m. when law enforcement determined the school was safe and the threat was not credible,” according to a news release from the school system. “The lockdown was a precautionary measure.”

Principal Steve Bartoo said in a written statement that students and staff responded seriously to the lockdown.

“Our first priority is always the safety and security of all students and staff in our building, and we take any type of threat seriously and respond accordingly.”

Superintendent Jim Hawkins thanked police for their response.

“Because of our longstanding partnership, the Dalton officers are very familiar with our schools and are able to respond quickly and appropriately to any situation within our schools. I’d also like to thank Dalton High administration, staff and students for their cooperation during the situation.”

Frazier said police are still investigating and working to learn more about where the call came from.

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