April 26, 2012

Off to see the Wizard

Submitted by Southeast Whitfield High School

— Southeast Whitfield High School presents “The Wizard of Oz” beginning this weekend. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. There will also be performances May 4 and 5 at 7 p.m.

Children from Southeast’s feeder elementary schools will play Munchkins. The list of characters played by high school students includes Aunt Em (Savannah Whittenburg), Uncle Henry (Eric Thomason), Zeke (Jesse McMacken), Hickory (Christian Nicholson), Hunk (Hunter Stewart), Miss Gulch (Rachael Byrum), Glinda (Raine Gibson), Dorothy (Esther Lovingood), Wicked Witch (Adaena Perez), Scarecrow (Calvin Bowen), Tinman (John Lee), Lion (David Moss), The Wizard/Professor Marvell (John A. Lee), Winkie General (Skitt McKenzie), Guard (Christian Nicholson), Nikko Commander of Monkeys (Concepcion Montelongo), Flying Monkey (Marco Guzman), Jitterbugs (Emily Parrish, Amelia Taylor, Chanda Payne, Sarah Miller, Brittney Estes, Savannah Whittenburg, Christian Nicholson, Hunter Steward, Ixie Trejo, Jesse McMackin, Eric Thomason, Daniel Satterfield, Roman Ponce and Jake Moss), Crows (Hunter Stewart, Christian Nicholson, Daniel Satterfield), Ozian beauticians (Odeth Guzman, Savannah Cross, Brittney Estes, Savannah W., Sarah Miller,  Rachael Byrum), Ozian polishers (Roman Ponce, Hunter Stewart, Daniel Satterfield, Eric Thomason and Jesse McMackin), Ozian manicurists (Clarissa Galaviz, Megan Faulknor, Lily Martinez, Emily Parrish, Amelia Taylor and Conception Montelongo).

Elementary and middle school students include Toto (Desmond Thomas), Citizens of Munchkinland (Kaylin Allen, Andrew Trollinger), Mayor (Sarah Forberger), Coroner (Kaylie Trollinger), Barrister (Emily Allen), Lullaby League (Chyann Norton, Ciera Bolt, Cherish Stephens), Lollypop Guild (Lauren Thomas, Paisley Stephens, Emily Parrish), Apple Trees (Roberto Guzman, Morgan Hurlock) and Winkies (Roberto Guzman, Morgan Hurlock).