February 6, 2014

Dalton Public Schools reinstates mid-winter break

Submitted by Dalton Public Schools

— Dalton Public Schools has reinstated the mid-winter break for all students and staff. The district recognized that the short time frame between the announcement and the holiday was just too short for both parents and staff to rearrange existing plans.

Mid-winter break begins on Friday, Feb. 14, and ends on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Students and staff return to school on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

“Our staff and parents were not able to cancel or change plans without more notice so we will be observing the mid-winter break as previously scheduled,” Superintendent Jim Hawkins said. “We know this situation has caused stress and anxiety for our parents and staff as many of them worked to rearrange appointments or plans.”

“The decision to use mid-winter break was made because it was the best alternative of available holidays that allowed schools to preserve the instructional time lost by students and staff,” Hawkins said. “Also, the Georgia State Board of Education requires high school classes to meet a minimum number of minutes during a semester for students to earn Carnegie Units towards graduation and we must comply with those rules. Dalton High and Morris Innovative High will make up the necessary time missed by adjusting their class schedules at those schools.”

The elementary and middle schools’ class schedules include enough time to meet state board requirements for minimum class time to make up for the two missed days.

Hawkins said each of those schools will communicate with students, parents and staff as changes are made.

Dalton Public Schools staff will have their work calendar extended by two days at the end of the year. Most school staff will make up the days by extending post-planning on May 29 and May 30.

Schools were closed for two-and-a-half days last month due to a winter storm.