January 13, 2014

Dalton school calendar gets March adjustment

Students and teachers with Dalton Public Schools will have an early release on Friday, March 14, after some changes to the school calendar.

The adjustment was announced by officials during the Board of Education meeting Monday night.

Administrators originally planned to hold an early dismissal day on Thursday, March 13, and hold a full day of class the following Friday to recover time lost last week because of inclement weather.

Those days have now flipped. Thursday, March 13, will now be a full day of class, while Friday, March 14, will have an early afternoon release, Superintendent Jim Hawkins said.

Students missed the scheduled first day of class following winter break on Tuesday, Jan. 7, because of dangerously frigid winds. The change to the calendar occurred after school officials reviewed their days and became concerned an early release that Thursday would mean low attendance the next day.

Students will still have 176 in-class days, the full amount of days scheduled for the 2013-2014 school year, said Deputy Superintendent Don Amonett.

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