January 3, 2014

The Rev. G. David Henderson: Happy new you!

— “You” written in the headline isn’t a typographical mistake. Today’s devotional presents many scriptures as mirrors reflecting the human spirit of every follower of Jesus, that Christ’s salvation has created with his same heavenly authority and resurrection power (Romans 6:1-13; Ephesians 2:1-6). Our saved human spirit is the “I,” “me” (Galatians 2:20), “self” (Romans 6: 11, 13) and “inner person” (2 Corinthians 4:16) of our humanness. We utilize such to overcome everything resisting our success (Proverbs 18:14).

The importance of us using the enclosed scriptures as mirrors to believe about our saved human spirit is manifested by those born in the most extreme poverty being more successful than those born with wealth; paraplegics succeeding in ministries and businesses far more than those with perfectly healthy bodies; people with no higher education becoming more successful than those who graduated from our most modern day Ivy League universities reveal the God-like power and Christ-like authority Christ’s salvation has the human spirit of every follower of Jesus newly created.

The morality and ministries of the apostle Paul reveal the God-like potentials and Christ-like capability of the human spirit of every follower of Jesus. Paul was gravely afflicted with dwarfism, plus so partially blind others had to write some of his New Testament scriptures for him. He was locked in prison many times for preaching Christ’s gospel, but utilized such unjust confinement to write many of his New Testament scriptures, plus converted prisoners and prison guards to Jesus Christ and his religion.

Many of Paul’s ministerial travels to many nations were on bony backs of animals and by walking. He was so financially and materially impoverished that many times churches had to take special offerings of food and clothing to keep him ministering. He also worked hard night and day for his tent business for his financial support, after preaching all day. A storm broke up a ship wherein Paul was traveling to preach the gospel, which threw him into the stormy waters floating many days.

Unjust persecution and danger of death met Paul in every city he traveled to preach the gospel. At one time he was so persecuted that all other apostles had to pray for his resurrection. Because Paul knew how to live and minister from his saved human spirit rather than the condition of his physical body and adverse circumstances, God entrusted the great apostle to write more books in our New Testament than all other healthy original 11 apostles Christ first chose.

It’s the sole responsibility of The Holy Spirit, that our saved human spirit never diminishes from its Christ-like heavenly authority and resurrection power, even when we fail morally and ministerially (Second Corinthians 4:16 and Titus 3:5). We use such divine power innate within our saved human spirit to overcome sin, including succeeding from ministerial failures.

The next time you’re tempted to not attend church or minister because you’re too tired from working 40 hours that week or the weather is not perfect for your comfort, remind yourself of the apostle Paul and all his adverse circumstances that he never yielded once from faithfully serving Christ, his church and sinners with his saved human spirit — never according to all his pitiful adverse circumstances listed in this devotional and other scriptures.

The Rev. G. David Henderson is the pastor of Temple of the Lord at 611 S. Green St. in Dalton. You can reach him at angelsfood@optilink.us. His column appears on the first Saturday of the month.