January 10, 2014

Dalton man pens book on Revelation

Submitted by Derek Press

— Dalton resident Louis Muse has written a new book titled “Understanding Revelation.” The author has been a student of the Bible for 40 years.

Muse said the key to the book of Revelation is found in the opening verse: “The revelation of Jesus Christ.”

“The main purpose of Revelation is to reveal the person of the Lord Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the world and the conqueror of evil,” Muse said.

“Understanding Revelation” also reveals how evil will be defeated, and ultimately Christ will set up his kingdom, he said.

The author reveals the four great visions, each of which contains one aspect of the person of Christ who is the ultimate judge of the world. God’s revelation to John explains the ultimate outcome of planet Earth in such a way that it’s easy to understand and makes for Bible study.

“Understanding Revelation” is available for purchase for $11.95 at www.derekpress.com. You can also order the book by calling toll free (800) 553-8506 and the book is available at In Heaven’s Name Christian Bookstore on Airport Road in Dalton.

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