August 22, 2013

Great White still rocking

By Connie Hall-Scott
For The Daily Citizen

— Re-charged and re-focused, Great White has channeled their raw, sweet and dangerous sound into their 12th studio album. It’s called Elation and it delivers Great White’s signature grit and blues-hued sound with an all new synergy, and best of all, they’re bringing it to Wild Bill’s on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Great White founder and guitarist Mark Kendall recently dished on the band’s new album and the current tour.

In describing the Great White sound, Mark said, “It stems from the different influences we have. I’m influenced by a lot of blues guitar players, my drummer (Audie Desbrow) likes super heavy stuff, Michael (Lardie; guitars and keyboard) likes a lot of great song writers like Elton John ... when you get my blues rocking going, and you get the heavy back beat ... and you put it all together it sounds like us.”

The band’s new album, “Elation,” definitely has the sound Great White is known for. Legendary deejay Bob Coburn recognized the performers immediately upon first hearing the new tunes.

“I love ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’ still,” long-time fan Christi Michael-Screws commented, asking Mark: “What was it like the first time you saw one of your videos on MTV?”

“Pretty exciting,” Mark acknowledged. “It was 1983. Our song ‘Stick It’ was on at about 4:30 in the morning. It was never a big hit but my little brother came down and was part of the crowd for that video. He’s 6’7”, pumping his arms in the crowd, having a good time. It was fun for my mom and my family. You can see him on there. Then when ‘Rock Me’ came out it was a big hit and got more air play.”

“Those who come out to Wild Bill’s can expect a high energy show,” Mark said. “We bring the crowd into the show from the beginning with extended jams that are different every night. We play as hard as we can go and set out to play the best show we can every night with tunes from the beginning of our catalogue up to now.”

Wild Bill’s is a multi-level concert hall, dance club and event venue at 2075 Market St. in Duluth. For more information visit or call (678) 473-1000.