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November 24, 2013

'Nutcracker 2013' to hit the stage

For more than 20 years the “Nutcracker” ballet has been a tradition during the holiday season for the Northwest Georgia region.  

“Nutcracker 2013,” presented by the Dalton Arts Project, will feature more than 350 local and guest performers for eight performances Friday, Dec. 13, at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14, at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Friday, Dec. 20, at 7:30 p.m,. and Saturday, Dec. 21, at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Dalton High School theater, 1500 Manly St.

Tickets are $12 to $16 and go on sale to the public on Monday, Dec. 2, at 411 N. Park Drive in Dalton. Bring one can of food for the Dalton Salvation Army Food Bank and get $1 off your ticket price. Call Dalton Arts Project at (706) 529-ARTS (2787) for more information.

Performers include:


Bailey Everett, Kathryn Harbin, Marion Hawkins, Emily Herring, Lauren Hooie, Katherine Marcadis, Meghan McCurry, Sarah McIntosh, Maddie Mitchell, Kate Orr, Christiana Parker, Chandler Renz, Kristi Russell, Courtney Street, Susannah Tighe and Ashley Yarbrough.


Hannah Addis, Emma Bakker, Taylor Kate Boyett, Ashley Carson, Mary Clark, Sarah Kate Coleman, Lydia Fortuna, Shelby Fromm, Katherine Griffin, Bowen Halverson, Daniela Hannah, Abbey Jones, Danielle Jones, Bowen Land, Lilly Marcadis, Rachel Morones, Anna Nimmons, Katelyn O’Ferrall, Mary Turner Renz, Abby Rogers, Emily Ross, Chelsea Shepard, Rozalyn Virgo, Megan Yarbrough and Genesis Zelaya.


Haley Chapman, Anna Crane, Kaity Darnell, Marlee Ellis, Silvey Gregg, Emily Harper, Mary Campbell Harris, Priya Khote, Elena Leyssens, Katie Patrick, Madeline Patterson, Emily Rockholt, Corrin Street and Merrill Walker.


Lily Adams, Caroline Coleman, Amber Fischer, Brittney Johnson, Ellie King, Ollie Lambert, Laken Land, McCord Land, Ann McIntosh, Mary Grace Mitchell, Emily Neises, Alex Rowe, Jade Smith, Grace Tucker and Mimi Grace Young.

Also, Windel Ross, Hannah Miller, Claire Rann, Lily Rehberg, Zaelyn Bowman, Lily Halverson, Arden Wong, Katie Forrester, Olivia Mader, Emilie Leyssens, Catherine Paige, Skylar Fromm, Elizabeth Anne Wise, Hadley King, Emma Mitchell, Mallory Edds, Sarah Stokes, Ansley Keylon, Caroline Scoggins, Chloe Wells and Lily Claire Golden.

Also,  Carli Gazaway, Maddie King, Emma Lively, Reese Reynolds, Audrey Grace Holder, Macyn Goldberg, Emma Kate Woods, Iris Anne Putnam, Abby Adams, Ella Coley, McCamy Ellis, Emma Quarles, Lindsey Caldwell, Lindsay Manahan, Kyra Green, Isabella Ruble, Paige Manahan, Ivy Johansson, Ellen Kirk, Libna Amaro, Morgan Belflower, Liz Lumpkin, Emma Rose Bagby, Valeria Magana, Reese Brown, Emily Stephens, Madeline Skojac and Gracie Bell.

Also, Ashton Knight, Price Andersen, Aidan Stacy, Dori Reynolds, Natalie Brewster, Sarah  Adcock, Taylor Thompson, Lily Rann, Kate Daniell, Valentina Flammini, Sarah Reed, Drew Patton, Riley Rogers, Mone Kutsuna, Jordyn Swilley, Rayna Wilson, Grace Moore, Mia Gale, Sophia Waugh, Leah Minter, Ana Campos, Madi Sampson, Anastasia Haney, Jenna Moore, Claudia Rivera, Sarah Wise, McKinley Kersey, Addie Simmons, Helena Sanchez, Chloe Rockholt, Brynleigh Bartley, Kristina Thompson, Ariana Avila, Katy Grace Dilbeck, Parker Jones, Emma R Ridley, Halden Williams, Angelina Laruy, Lauren Skaare, Madison Whittle, Emma Grace Tillman, Ainsleigh Phelan, Ashley Miller, Sophia Creswell, Emma Grace Ferguson, Madison Moore and Meg Coleman.

Also, Kenley Roberts, Lauren Pye, Anna Lee Grafe, Shipley Maret, Makayla Byrd, Sophia Bagby, Eliza Bell, Blair Barton, Lele Lama, Emmy Vong, Madalynn Ramsey, Kendall Rizer, Taylor Whittenburg, Maria Bors, Chrisaren Parker, Josie Rowe, Sara Grace Jones, Audrey Merryman, Josie Kyer, Emma C Ridley, Olivia Mitchell, Natalia Maldonado, Rowan Espy, Denise Palacios, Emily Rose Davies, Caroline Fox, Olivia Grace Allen, Claire Holtzclaw, Carmen Wheat, Lyndi Jensen, Cyra Kaikobad, Sarah Gordy, Henley Green, Rylei Brown, Kylie Kolaski, Atherton Massey, Lauren Grammer, Alex Kinsey, Aubrey Beck, Anna Elise Crow, Hannah Holden, Melanie Ojeda, Claire Street, Ariana Usher, Bridget Woods and Kaylee Grace Foster.

Also, Serenity Joyce, Ava White, Kate Brock, Caroline Buckner, McCamy Johnson, Alyssa Cucksee, Ian Lively, Faith Manis, Grace Waldrop, Madi Burgess, Brandon Johnson, Kate Spetter, Kylee Smith, Mollie Voiles, Meredith Dilbeck, Ella Helton, Atziri Rodriguez, Savannah Howard, Katherine Brownlee, Ava Grace Parkinson, Bree Worley, Madison Lynn, Emily Wood, Elizabeth Somers, Hannah Lloyd, Emma Steele, Kate Reynolds, Mia Martinez, Emma Lester, Sara Kate Elrod, Claire Miller, Rylee Nelms, Callie Ridley, Isabel Ponce, Addison Hester, Jacey Smith, Victoria Henry, Kinsey Woodson, Banks Land, Maggie Chakales and Lena Riggle.    

Also, Meryl Clark, Zoe Moore, Caroline Hogshead, Madison Davis, Sadie Clark, Paola Palacios, Rylee Cox, Ava Peterfreund, Millie Bledsoe, Caroline Johnson, Ann Marie Grammer, Makyna Greeson, Charlotte Beckler, Lina McDaniel, Jayme Thompson, Allee Phillips, Charlotte Embry, Mia Cervantes, Lilly Grafe, Georgia Grace Brackett, Campbell Stockard, Lanier Land, Annie Reed, Kadence Bevil, Molly Cate Rollins, Emery Edgeman, Lucy Tatum, Avery Carr, Caroline Caputi, Maddie Breeden, Georgia Lee Hegwood and Annsley Chitwood.

Also, Macy Duarte, Lucy Hester, Madeline Hudson, Leola Bethel, Keily Owen, Ryleigh Albright, Adison Wickes, Isabella Griffis, Brynlee Burch, Haley Bartenfield, Ella Rose, Kamryn Stancill, Maddy Stacy, Lillie Grace Kott, Morgan Dempsey, Megan Ramsey,  Megan Swilling, Harper McGahey, Sarah Taylor, Victoria Amaro, Addison Manis, Yardin Koop, Callie Pendley, Raylee Greeson, Laney Peterfreund, Mary Elise Byrd, Annalyse Howard, Georgia Sanders, Campbell Fox, Hailey Grace Hughes, Laynee Landen, Jayla Smith, Jolie Reynolds, Alicia Malpartida, Rylee Landen, Katie Charlotte Chakales, Addison Miles, Irelynd Stainton, Lily Stepp, Evelyn Crutchfield, Makayla Washington, Sophie Webb, Mia Mitchell, Maddison Bryant, Rose Brindle, Kenzie Russell, Hayes Welch, Zoe Kinsey, Addison Freeman, Carly Deane Bramlett, Zacari Garcia, Kate Jones, Allyson Lugo, Lexie Douglas, Lynley Lewis, Emilee Stansell and Lily Lawson.

Also, Ben Southerland, Charles Starrett, Sharon Merritt, Chrissy Carson, Erin Farmer, Renee Golden, Melissa Johnson, Anne-Mieke Leyssens, Claudio Leyssens, Eric Rangel, Neal Carson, David Haney, L.B. Johnson, Craig Harper, Derek Waugh, Scott Whittenburg, Susan Lama, Sean Pye, Marjorie Mitchell and Graham Fox.

Guest artists are Brandye Lee, Mark Burns and Vince Gully.


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