November 2, 2013

The Rev. G. David Henderson: The importance of receiving Jesus’ secrets

— One of the most beautiful and comforting Scriptures in the Bible, “He that dwelleth in the secret place, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty” (Psalms 91:1), is reliable biblical evidence that the Holy Spirit desires to privately teach today’s followers of Jesus biblical and spiritual secrets that our pastor, favorite religious book author, including our most favorite radio and TV minister might have never been taught — or wrongly thought such secrets not prevalent for today’s religion.

Jesus’ secrets to us originate from the ministerial gifts of God (Romans 12:6-8), Jesus (Ephesians 4:7-11) and the Holy Spirit (1st Corinthians 12:8-11) that Ephesians 4:7-13 declares will remain in followers of Jesus until Jesus comes again. The only other alternative to ministering Jesus’ secrets (spiritual gifts) is human energies that can’t accomplish anything divine.

If writers of our New Testament Scriptures had not believed in receiving spiritual secrets directly from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and angels our generation would have only the Old Testament Scriptures as our religious textbook, plus us slaughtering animals for God to forgive our sins.

Without Jesus’ fresh secrets (vision) sent to the apostle Peter on the Earth in Acts, chapter 10, we who aren’t  Jewish in nationality wouldn’t have any hope for salvation. All other church authorities who were offensive racists at first rejected Peter’s so-called “secret” that non-Jews also have access to Christ’s salvation and blessings as much as do the Jews, but the Holy Spirit changed their minds to believe Peter’s vision (secret).

If the Holy Spirit had not whispered to Protestant reformer Martin Luther the biblical secret about righteousness by faith in the Scriptures, all followers of Jesus would be church members of only the world-wide religion based in Rome, Italy. We now have many different varieties of churches to choose to worship God and Jesus Christ because of Christ’s secrets he gave to Martin Luther.

When Scriptures convince the reader that doctrines you previously wrongly judged as false and devilish are in actuality biblical truth, or doctrines you historically thought were true but the Scriptures condemned them as false as happened to Protestant reformer Martin Luther, you experienced a secret (divine revelation) that Jesus sent directly from his heavenly throne to you.

Followers of Jesus on Earth receiving secrets directly from Jesus on his heavenly throne have an intimate friendship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that other followers of Jesus and ministers aren’t privileged to have (John 15:15). The most reliable bath for a conscience endlessly condemned about historical sins is to receive fresh secrets of Jesus from his heavenly throne that dissipates such guilt out of our minds (John 15:3).

Secrets of Jesus don’t come without sacrifice, heartbreaking social and religious rejections, pitiful persecutions and premature painful death (martyrdom). Jesus warned in Matthew 7:6 that we telling our secrets from Jesus to wrong people or ministers can forever destroy our social testimony and ministries.

Prophets before the arrival of Jesus on the Earth were slaughtered to death for publicly prophesying their God-given secrets (Matthew 5:12). Most original apostles within Jesus’ religion, including the apostle Paul who wrote most of our  New Testament Scriptures, were viciously murdered for preaching their secrets from Jesus (prophecies, revelations, visions, spiritual gifts) to their carnal, worldly, devilish society — and its religion.

The Rev. G. David Henderson is the pastor of Temple of the Lord at 611 S. Green St. in Dalton. You can reach him at His column appears on the first Saturday of the month.