March 7, 2014

Bryan Collins: Spring cleaning

— As this article is being written, the next day’s weather forecast is for that powerful polar vortex to once again dip down into our area, producing cold temperatures and maybe even a little frozen precipitation.

Here in the South where our winter is short we still get tired of the cold pretty fast. Thankfully, spring is on the way and with spring comes the urge to purge; spring cleaning, that is. Many people are getting that familiar urge to spruce up the landscaping, wash the windows and clear out all of the last year’s clutter. The rummage sale bug is beginning to bite in order to make a few pennies off all that clutter.

As we think about the spring season and its charms and the deep cleaning we may need to do on our properties, let’s also think about the clutter that may be in our minds. It might be time for you to do a little spring cleaning in your head.

As spring is a time for renewal, there are some forms of mental, emotional and spiritual renewal you might find encouraging and useful. Consider renewing your attitude with a positive outlook. In Romans 12:2 the apostle Paul said that children of God, rather than being conformed to the world, ought to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. These, and other Scriptures, encourage us to be in charge of our minds, therefore, in control of our attitudes.

It was suggested to me in my youth that attitude is the only thing in our human lives that we actually have full control of; if we are going to have a good day or a bad day, it is largely our own determination. When you put your feet on the floor in the morning and take the first stretch of the day you get to decide if today is going to be a good day or a bad one. This was found to be fairly accurate and useful, guiding me for many years now.

Author and speaker Jim Rohn said that even if things aren’t going so well by your estimation, it might be better not to call the day “bad” too early in the day, leaving time for things to turn around for the better. Improving our attitude might improve the day.

Spring is as good a time as any to clear away the mental cobwebs and dust collected over seasons of trial. Now is a good time to work on building a positive outlook and attitude. At Central Church of Christ we strive to stay focused on Jesus Christ. We say of Central Church of Christ, “Where Christ is central.” We are in no way perfect but we believe that if you are struggling with self-doubt or any other trial of this life, Christ can make an appreciable difference.

If we can assist you in any way please visit us Sunday mornings at 9, 10 for Bible classes (all ages) and 11:10 for another worship. We are at 515 N. Tibbs Road in Dalton directly behind Civitan Park. May God continually bless you in your effort to transform your thinking and your attitude.

Bryan Collins is minister of the Central Church of Christ in Dalton. His column runs the second Saturday of the month.