October 28, 2013

Historical society to hear about Caney Creek Village

Debbie Moore, a native of Bradley County, Tenn., will present a documentary on “The History of the Caney Creek Village” at the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society’s Sunday, Nov. 10, meeting at 2:30 p.m. at Crown Gardens and Archives.

This was a family project, written and narrated by Debbie, filmed by her son Will and edited by her husband Ron. Original music was written and played by John Cook. The documentary received an Award of Distinction from the East Tennessee Historical Society.

The Caney Creek Village was near Ocoee Powerhouse 2 on the Ocoee River in Polk County, Tenn. The workers of the powerhouse and flume line lived in the isolated mountains but had electricity, concrete sidewalks and indoor plumbing as early as 1912. The village had no road or cars but had a trolley, hotel, school and a tennis court. Six former residents were interviewed to tell the story of the Caney Creek Village. The participants were Ruth Ann Lillard Green, Marilyn Lowe Kirkland, John “Doc” German, Geraldine Lowe King, the late Margaret Poe Trotter and Troye Moore Linginfelter.

Debbie Moore has been an educator for more than 30 years and an avid researcher. She has written several family history books and in 2011 wrote “Confederate Voices,” a book about Confederate soldiers and their families from southeastern Tennessee and north Georgia. Each Saturday, Debbie and Ron host a two-hour long live history talk show on WOOP FM in Cleveland, Tenn. The show, “Old Town Cleveland,” has been on the air for more than four years. Debbie and her family are now working on a documentary about dirt track racing that will be released in 2014.

The public is invited to view this documentary. Copies of the DVD and book will be available at the viewing. They are also available at www.oldtowncleveland.com.

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