July 6, 2013

Column: G. David Henderson: The Christ-cursed fig tree’s powerful, evangelistic sermon

— Jesus cursing and killing the innocent fig tree and it shriveling up at miraculous speed because it had no figs when he was hungry as recorded in Matthew 21:18-19  is reliable evidence of  God’s love not wanting any human to suffer forever in hell’s bottomless lake of fire.

That pitiful fig tree did nothing wrong to receive Jesus’ wrath! The biblical story records it wasn’t yet the season for the innocent tree to produce figs. So why did Jesus kill it with his anger?

Matthew 21:12-13 records that moments before Jesus cursed the pitiful fig tree to death, he observed all the sins happening inside his “Father’s house” (Jewish religious temple). Jesus in seething anger turned over their money tables, plus used a rope to angrily drive the merchandising thieves and filthy animals out of his “Father’s House.”

When Jesus reached that sinless fig tree immediately afterward, his anger that ignited against all the sinners inside the temple earlier cursed and shriveled to death that pitiful fig tree. That innocent fig tree received God’s wrath that should have killed all the merchandisers and sinners desecrating his “Father’s House.”

God loves every human so much that sometimes he pours out his divine wrath on the  innocent, rather than the guilty, as proven that the clothes with which God clothed the first human, Adam, came from an innocent animal God killed, instead of killing Adam because of his sin (Genesis 3:21). Before Jesus arrived on the Earth, God’s love for sinning humans designed Jewish priests to daily kill sinless animals to turn God’s wrath away from the Jews who sinned against him.    

Isaiah 53:4-5 prophesied that sinless Jesus’ unjust death on the cross was actually God using sinners to chastise Jesus for every sin the reader of this devotional has and will commit against God. You have sinned, but Jesus received God’s wrath toward you. Psalms 129:3 prophesied that when God finished using the Roman soldiers for beating and crucifying Jesus because of  your sins, every molecule of his body looked like a farmer had used oxen and a hand plow to afflict him — because of your sins. I like to use the term his entire body looked like bloody, raw hamburger meat.

Jewish Rabbi Caiphas in the days of Jesus prophesied that sinless Jesus’ death on the cross alleviated God’s wrath from forever wiping Israel off the Earth for all their sins they committed against God and his sinless son, Jesus Christ (John 11:49-51).

Second Corinthians 5:21 teaches that God’s wrath indicted Jesus with every sin the reader of this devotional has and will commit, even though Jesus never committed one sin. Such unselfishness by Jesus makes you as righteous as God and Jesus the moment you obey all salvation instructions.

For the readers who are saved, send today’s devotional to family members, friends and business associates that you worry they will suffer forever in hell’s bottomless lake of fire. This devotional might be the last hope to motivate them to be saved. Your obedience will alleviate the death of our blessed Lord Jesus and that pitiful, innocent fig tree being in vain for them.    

The Rev. G. David Henderson is the pastor of Temple of the Lord at 611 S. Green St. in Dalton. You can reach him at angelsfood@optilink.us. His column appears on the first Saturday of the month.