November 7, 2012

Gordon Hospital is guarding against the flu

Submitted by Gordon Hospital

CALHOUN — Gordon Hospital is committed to keeping its patients safe. That’s why the hospital has taken a proactive stance against the flu by requiring employees to be vaccinated against the flu or to wear a mask when caring for and when working with patients.

According to WebMD, the flu affects approximately five to 20 percent of the U.S. population with thousands hospitalized each year. “Our patients health is of the utmost importance to us as a hospital and as clinicians,” says Amy Jordon, chief nursing officer. “Getting our staff vaccinated or having them wear a mask when caring for patients is key in helping keep them safe and healthy while they are with us.”

Beginning the first of November, if you come to the hospital as a patient or visitor, you may see some of the staff wearing masks over their nose and mouths. If a staff member has chosen not to or was unable to take the flu shot from a reaction, allergy, religious or other reason, they must wear a mask within the hospital and when caring for patients. Staff who take the flu shot will not be required to wear the mask.

Hospitals across the country are taking this same precaution as they gear up for the upcoming flu season. Flu season typically starts in October and runs through the end of March with the peak usually around February. By taking a flu shot, you can protect you and your family from either getting the flu or reducing the severity of flu like symptoms.

“Our staff has been very supportive of the new policy that we’ve implemented,” says Jordon, “because they know that the shot or the mask is for the health and well-being of our patients.”

It’s not to late to get a flu shot for you or your family. You can visit one of Gordon Hospital’s clinics or go to Gordon Urgent Care in Calhoun or Adairsville. No appointment is necessary.

You can learn more about the flu and who should and should not be vaccinated by visiting the Centers for Disease Control website at