September 6, 2013

Ten-year-old donates to cancer patients at Gordon Hospital

CALHOUN — While watching his mom coordinate the CREATION Health Farmers’ Market at Gordon Hospital this summer, 10-year-old Joe Hannah expressed his interest in participating in the popular weekly event.

The fourth grader at Coble Elementary School came up with a business plan for Joe’s Jazzn’ Juice, where he would sell fresh fruit juice and lemonade to the farmers’ market attendees amid the entertainment of softly-playing jazz music piping from the stereo speakers of his mom’s car. He even opened his own bank account. But then the young entrepreneur took his plans a step further.

“When Joe learned about the Harris Radiation Therapy Center at Gordon Hospital and what it offers to our local cancer patients, he decided to donate half of his earnings to help those patients,” says his mom Melissa Hannah, CREATION Health coordinator for Gordon Hospital and Farmers’ Market manager. “I was delighted when Joe expressed interest in his own business venture, but as his mom, I was even more proud when he expressed his interest in finding ways to help cancer patients.”

For Joe, however, the decision to make the donation just made perfect sense.

“I like helping people,” he said while serving cup after $1 cup of freshly-squeezed orange juice to his customers in the August heat. “It feels good.”

Lanell Jacobs, director of Oncology Services for Gordon Hospital, proudly accepted Joe’s donation, explaining that it will certainly help a lot of people.

“Oftentimes, we have patients who need help obtaining certain items like hygiene products, nutritional supplements or cancer care-related products,” Jacobs says. “It’s donations like Joe’s that allow us to provide those items.”

The CREATION Health Farmers’ Market at Gordon Hospital was held every Thursday this summer from 5-7 p.m. on the campus of Gordon Hospital near the Harris Radiation Therapy Center. CREATION Health, a lifestyle transformation program available at Gordon Hospital, is designed to help people live life to the fullest by focusing on the eight universal principles of whole-person health that God originally gave at Creation. These principles include:

Choice – Choice is the first step toward improved health because people who believe they are in control over their own lives are healthier and live longer.

Rest – Rest is good sleep and also taking time to relax. Relaxation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Environment – Environment is our external world but also affects what happens within us for the better or worst.

Activity – Activity includes physical and mental conditioning. Our goal is to be active in mind, body and spirit.

Trust – Trust in God speaks to the relationship between spirituality and healing.  A link exists between faith and wellness.

Interpersonal Relationships – Interpersonal relationships strengthen our well being. Social connection fortifies our resolve and improves our health.

Outlook – Outlook creates our reality. Our mind influences our body and our attitude impacts our health.

Nutrition – Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system. Small improvements and strategic substitutions produce profound results.

For more information about CREATION Health, please call Coordinator Melissa Hannah at (706) 879-5850, ext. 3166.


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