May 28, 2013

Howard Jones Golf Benefit raises approximately $250,000 over 10 years

Submitted by Gordon Hospital

CALHOUN — What started as a way to honor her late husband, Howard Jones, turned into a pursuit to help cancer patients in Calhoun and Gordon County. Now some 10 years after the first Howard Jones Golf Benefit, the book has closed and thanks to the many golfers who participated over the years, and to Helen Jones and her family’s commitment to giving back, the community is benefitting from the approximately $250,000 that they have raised for cancer care here in Calhoun.

Helen became committed to the cause after losing her husband, local attorney, Howard Jones, to cancer in 2002. She wanted to make a difference and Howard had been a big part of bringing Fields Ferry to fruition so she thought it only fitting to host a golf fundraiser.

 “Over the last 10 years, we have had the privilege to raise funds for some very worthy projects,” says Helen. “This year’s tournament monies have been earmarked to help fund radioactive seed implants for prostate cancer patients,” says Helen, “which comes at a price tag of approximately $46,000. By adding this service, the hospital will continue to meet the needs of all of the cancer patients here in Calhoun.”

“I have always said that I worry about all the little details of the tournament and Howard makes sure the weather is perfect, and on this our last year, he didn’t disappoint. It was a beautiful day for golf.”

Winners of this year’s tournament for the first flight were Jason Jones, Chad Sharp, Cooper Spence, and Cam Davis. Second place, first flight was Jeff Norris, Whit Ferguson, and Craig Harvey. Third place, first flight were Tim Everhart, Scott Forster, Jesse Vaughn, and Bill Thompson, Jr. First place, second flight were Ray Higgonbotham, Bill Tierce, Father Joe, and Maurice Jones. Second place, second flight winners were Giles Jones, Ernie Baker, Tim Rockholt, and Brent Erwin. Third place, second flight winners were Chuck Ruth, Brian Randall, Shane Summers, and Ron King.

“This tournament has been a labor of love, but I truly feel that it has run its course and that we have accomplished what we set out to do, which is to positively impact cancer care in Calhoun,” says Helen. “When you look at the new Harris Radiation Therapy Center, I truly can say that my dream has become reality.”