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May 20, 2014

In Other News, May 20

Editor’s note: “In Other News” is a list of state, national and global headlines compiled by The Daily Citizen news staff. To suggest a story, email the appropriate link to The deadline is 3 p.m.

McDonald’s new happy meal mascot terrifies some on social media

In an effort to promote healthier eating among children, McDonald’s has introduced a new mascot for its Happy Meal. Called Happy, the fast food giant says it “brings fun and excitement to kids’ meals while serving as an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating.” — Fox News

Clayton County student gets in hot H20 for yearbook joke

A student says fallout over her quote in the yearbook is threatening to ruin her senior year. Paris Gray is a senior class vice president, a member of SADD, the Beta Club, and a leader on campus. — WSB-TV

It only took 257 sandwiches for ‘300 Sandwiches Girl’ to get engaged

Last year’s foodie fairy tale finally has a happy ending. The woman who blogged about making 300 sandwiches so her boyfriend would propose got a ring on her finger with 43 sandwiches to spare. — Time

This is what happens when you pester your friends for their relationship status with Facebook’s new ‘Ask’ button

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out an unabashedly nosy new feature that no one asked for and  — we can only hope — no one will use: the ability to pester your friends and acquaintances for more personal information than they already divulge. — The Washington Post

Judge throws out Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage

A federal judge declared Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional Tuesday. The ruling by Judge John E. Jones III ruling would make Pennsylvania the last Northeast state to allow same-sex marriages, although the state could challenge the decision before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. — USA Today

Army imposes martial law in Thailand

It’s tense in Thailand, where violence has spilled into the streets, people have died or been injured, and the army declared martial law Tuesday. Underscoring the instability, the army’s decision to take control of the country came as a surprise to embattled Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, an aide to the leader told CNN. — CNN


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