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June 14, 2014

In other news

Clippers owner aims to dig up dirt

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s team of lawyers has hired four private investigation firms to dig up “dirt” on the NBA’s former and current commissioners and its 29 other owners. Investigators were given a six-figure budget over the next 30 days to examine the league’s finances, allegations of previous discriminatory conduct and compensation to past commissioner David Stern and current commissioner Adam Silver. — ESPN

Couple charged with cooking meth at library

A homeless couple has been charged with making meth at their campsite on the grounds of a Sarasota County public library. Sheriff’s detectives arrested Raymond King and Tiffany Stoltz on felony counts of possession of listed chemicals with intent to manufacture and attempt to manufacture methamphetamine. The sheriff’s office said both suspects have a history of drug-related arrests. — Bradenton Herald

Massachusetts welfare recipients spent $50 million out of state

Bay State electronic benefits card holders spent nearly $50 million in welfare cash out of the state last year — including destinations as far away as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, officials said. Card users spent more than $3.3 million in Florida and more than $25,000 in the Virgin Islands. — Boston Herald

Police investigate attack on 10-year-old girl as hate crime

Cleveland, Ohio, police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl that was videotaped and posted online. The video shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until voices in the background call for it to stop. A  police report shows the attacker is 13 years old. A neighbor says she saw it all, and she heard the attacker use a racial slur towards the girl. — 19 Action News

Unwelcome touch

A sexual harassment case involving a former provost at Montana State University-Northern who is accused of repeatedly and inappropriately touching her male colleagues is set to be heard this week. Northern’s dean of extended learning, Randy Bachmeier, accuses the former provost, Rosalyn Templeton, of repeatedly touching him in a sexual manner. Bachmeier also accuses Chancellor James Limbaugh and the university of retaliating against him for complaining about Templeton. The university argues Templeton’s behavior was not sexual. — Inside Higher Ed

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