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March 17, 2014

In Other News, March 17


Westboro Baptist Church founder on deathbed, sons says

The estranged son of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church said his father is “on the edge of death.” Fred Phelps Sr. became famous for organizing picket lines of brightly-colored signs carrying hateful messages against tolerance during the funerals of military personnel and famous figures. His actions led to at least two federal and several state laws restricting protests during military funerals. — CBS News

Marine creature may offer ‘reef relief’ for chronic pain

The slow and steady cone snail may hold the secret to safe and reliable management of chronic nerve pain. Unlike acute pain that is triggered by a specific injury, neuropathic pain kicks in when the nervous system itself is damaged. Often associated with diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis, it’s a chronic condition that can last for years or even decades. — ABC News

Report: Many Americans intend to stay without health insurance

A third of Americans without health insurance intend to stay that way, according to a new report. Although the most common reason for doing without coverage is the expense, 70 percent of those planning to stay uninsured did not know about the subsidies afforded under Obamacare that reduce the cost. — CBS News

Rules that bar feds from trolling Facebook, Twitter could have weeded out Snowden

Most businesses regularly “Google” job applicants to see whether any red flags appear, but federal agencies generally shun checking social media websites — giving up a tool, analysts say, that could be helpful in weeding out everything from disability and immigration fraud to unsavory people trying to gain top-secret security clearance. — The Washington Times

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