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May 7, 2014

In Other News, May 7

Editor’s note: “In Other News” is a list of state, national and global headlines compiled by The Daily Citizen news staff. To suggest a story, email the appropriate link to The deadline is 3 p.m.

‘Taken 3’ is latest film to opt for shooting in Georgia

“Taken 3” is the latest in a flurry of high-profile projects that Georgia has landed since the state beefed up its transferable tax credit program in 2008. The state had a record level of film investment in the fiscal year that ended June 30. There were 142 films and television projects spending $934 million in the state, up from $880 million the prior year, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. — The Los Angeles Times

FEC chairman warns agency’s desire to regulate media ‘alive and well’

The chairman of the Federal Election Commission warned Wednesday that officials at the agency want to start regulating the media, despite a longstanding congressional ban on doing so. — Fox News

Fast-food strikes planned in 150 cities

The fast-food worker strikes are expanding to more U.S. cities and going global. Workers in up to 150 cities across the country are planning to strike on May 15, according to labor organizers. The movement is also headed overseas, with plans for workers to join protests in 33 countries. — CNN

Four dead in U.S. tennis star’s home

Four bodies have been found in the burned home of former tennis star James Blake in Florida. The unidentified victims were found by firefighters early on Wednesday after responding to reports of a blaze. — BBC

Chemists expand nature’s genetic alphabet

DNA’s instructions are written in a code of four molecular “letters,” labeled A, C, T and G. For the first time, researchers have created and inserted two brand-new letters into a living cell. The advance means that scientists have a new tool for exploring how life encodes information, which could help them understand life’s origins. — NPR

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