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April 26, 2014

In other news

Feds grant Massachusetts extra year to complete Obamacare transition

The Massachusetts health care system was a model for the Affordable Care Act, and the Bay State received more than $135 million in federal funds to make its system compliant with Obamacare. But the new exchange hasn’t worked the way it was intended. By mid-March, the state had a huge backlog of applications to process, forcing it to move most of those people into Medicaid until the problems are worked out. Now, the Obama administration has said that it will give Massachusetts another year to comply with parts of the law. — Reason

Georgia becomes Purple Heart state

Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill Saturday proclaiming each Aug. 7 Purple Heart Day. All citizens will be encouraged to observe the day and actively participate in honoring those wounded or killed in combat. The bill also declares Georgia a Purple Heart State to honor our state's wounded veterans for their service and sacrifice. — WALB

Georgia nuclear plant owners won’t pay for subsidized loan

Two major utility companies building a nuclear power plant in Georgia will not pay a fee to secure billions of dollars in government-subsidized loans, records show. The U.S. Department of Energy in February approved $6.5 billion in lending for Southern Co. subsidiary Georgia Power and Oglethorpe Power Corp. without requiring them to pay a credit subsidy fee, which is supposed to compensate the government for the financial risk involved in making the loan. Together, those companies own a three-quarters stake in the two new reactors under construction at Plant Vogtle in eastern Georgia. — The Washington Times

Rescued puppy turns out to be fox

A Canadian family thought they’d rescued a puppy that had been abandoned near Lake Marsh in Yukon. But local wildlife officials say they are pretty sure it’s a fox. Though they add they are waiting for it to grow a little more before they can say that with certainty. — WDAY

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