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May 5, 2014

In Other News, May 5

Editor’s note: “In Other News” is a list of state, national and global headlines compiled by The Daily Citizen news staff. To suggest a story, email the appropriate link to The deadline is 3 p.m.

Virginia proposal would limit size of gatherings in private homes

A plan to ban “frequent and large gatherings at neighborhood homes” is a lawsuit waiting to happen, a Fairfax County supervisor predicts. Officials will get an idea on Wednesday when public comment hearings begin in Virginia’s most populous county. — Fox News

Report: Fan killed by tossed toilet bowl

A Brazilian football fan was killed on Friday after being struck in the head by a toilet bowl that was thrown from stadium stands by upset supporters during a match in eastern Brazil, according to Reuters. According to police captain Wilson Queiroz, “In front of Gate 6 there was a big fight that resulted in the death of a fan. The toilet was thrown from the stands and hit him full on.” —

Nigeria militants threaten to sell abducted schoolgirls

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram claimed responsibility on Monday for the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria last month and threatened to “sell them on the market,” the French news agency AFP reported, citing a video. — Reuters

Plant chemicals could be the next frontier in weight loss

Red wine has long been hailed for its potential health benefits, from slowing the aging process to inhibiting cancer, due to a plant compound called resveratrol. Scientists think resveratrol may also have the potential to fight fat. — Georgia Health News

Liberal activist group apologizes to disabled lawmaker for offensive mailer

The Maine People’s Alliance, a liberal activist group that helps elect Democrats, was forced to apologize last weekend for a mailer that targeted Republican state lawmakers who voted against Medicaid expansion. Among the lawmakers criticized by the mailer, which accused them of having “no spine,” was Rep. Dal Crafts of Lisbon Falls, who uses a wheelchair. — Portland Press Herald

Libertarians trail meter readers, telling town ‘Live free or else’

KEENE, N.H. — Keene’s two parking officers, both women, are often videotaped by young adults known as “Robin Hooders.” They track the whereabouts of the officers by two-way radio, feed expired meters before $5 tickets can be written and leave a business card saying that “we saved you from the king’s tariff.” — The New York Times

Rare goblin shark caught by American shrimp fisherman

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 18-foot-long shark is only the second ever seen in the Gulf of Mexico. It is “one of the rarest species of sharks,” according to NOAA. Goblin sharks are most commonly found off the coast of Japan, the Houston Chronicle reports. — Huffington Post

Man arrested for killing grandson after he didn’t have dinner ready

A 63-year-old man has been arrested for killing his grandson after he didn’t have dinner ready on time. Harold Gray has been charged with second-degree murder in the April 25 death of Anthony Morris, 31. He is being held at the Shelby County (Tenn.) jail. — The Commercial Appeal

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