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May 29, 2014

In other news

Woman makes ‘Jeopardy!’ history with nearly $400,000 to show for it

Julia Collins has racked up more wins than any other woman in “Jeopardy!” history, earning $391,600 in the process. Collins, 31, a resident of the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, made history when she won her 17th straight game Tuesday, and then added another victory Wednesday. Only past contestants Ken Jennings and David Madden have won more consecutive non-tournament games. — ABC News

Ancient ‘fish lizard’ graveyard discovered beneath melting glacier

Dozens of nearly complete skeletons of prehistoric marine reptiles have been uncovered near a melting glacier in southern Chile. Scientists found 46 specimens from four different species of extinct ichthyosaurs. These creatures, whose Greek name means “fish lizards,” were a group of large, fast-swimming marine reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era, about 245 million to 90 million years ago. — Yahoo! News

School alters girls’ yearbook photos to cover bare skin, officials not sorry

Wasatch High School in Heber City, about 50 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah, is under fire after it altered the images of some students to show less skin. The school never notified the students before resorting to Photoshop. According to local media reports, some photos were edited to apparently protect the girls’ modesty: sleeves were added and, in another, a neckline was strategically raised. — LA Times

‘Frozen’ characters are Disney’s hottest ticket

The success of “Frozen” swelled Disney’s second-quarter earnings to four times what they were last year, thanks in part to stellar home video sales and a chart-topping soundtrack. “Frozen” merchandise flies out of Disney stores as quickly as it arrives; a “Frozen” skating spectacular from Disney on Ice is set to tour rink arenas in the fall; and a Broadway musical is in the works. — Fox News

Quebec friends find kidnapped baby through Facebook

Four young people in Quebec are being hailed as heroes after they helped find a baby stolen from a hospital in Trois-Rivieres a day after she was born. Police had issued an alert on Monday night with a photo of the suspect, who was dressed as a nurse. The four friends were already searching for the baby when one saw the photo on social media and recognized the woman. — BBC News


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