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April 13, 2014

In Other News, April 13


Ohio man sentenced to hold ‘BULLY’ sign jeered, taunted

An Ohio man sentenced by a judge to spend Sunday holding a sign reading “I AM A BULLY” at a busy suburban Cleveland intersection was greeted by a boisterous stream of honking car horns, jeers and insults. Edmond Aviv, 62, clad in a hat and dark sunglasses, sat slumped in a green plastic chair holding the cardboard sign that is punishment for his treatment of a neighbor, whose husband suffers from dementia, and her seven children, several of whom have disabilities and use wheelchairs. — Chicago Tribune

Pope Francis is all about the #selfie

According to the AP, a crowd of some 100,000 people had gathered to attend the Palm Sunday Mass, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. The pope reportedly ignored his prepared homily during the service, instead delivering an “entirely off-the-cuff” sermon. This, the AP says, was a “remarkable departure from practice.” — The Huffington Post

Ukraine to fight pro-Russia forces

Ukraine’s President Oleksander Turchynov has issued an ultimatum to pro-Russian activists and gunmen in the country’s east: lay down your arms and vacate government buildings by this morning, otherwise the government will call in the army. — BBC


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