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January 4, 2014

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County


Burger Den, 160 Highway 2

Current score: 91

Current grade: A

Previous score: 92

Previous grade: A

Comments: A plastic container of chicken was observed sitting on top shelf of refrigerator. Chicken was raw. Other raw meats were underneath. Raw chicken was moved, but other meats underneath were covered and there were no signs of contamination and, therefore, they were not discarded. Never store raw chicken above any other food. Always store it on the bottom. Corrected on site.

Sonic, 2702 Airport Road

Current score: 88

Current grade: B

Previous score: 94

Previous grade: A

Comments: An energy drink (can, open) was found stored in the bottom prep cooler. Personal drinks must be served in a single-service container with lid and straw and stored away from food and other clean utensils. Corrected on site. Stored food in reach-in freezer and cooler must be covered to avoid contamination from dripping water or dusty fans. Cloth bucket sanitizing solution was non-existent. The tubing that pumps sanitizer from container into the hose is not working; no sanitizer gets through. Sanitizer from packs will be used. Sanitizer must be checked after mixing it with water to ensure proper levels. Maintain at 200 ppm and re-clean food. Also, properly clean dicer and slicer parts to remove buildup and grease/oil. Replace the broken piece on dicer. 100 ppm for dishes. Corrected on site. Dumpster and grease trap doors and lids must remain closed. Walls and ceilings need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove all buildup. Maintain cooler and freezer doors and bottoms clean and free of food debris.

Micion Es Tu Salud, 901 N. Glenwood Ave.

Current score: 86

Current grade: B

Previous score: 89

Previous grade: B

Comments: Soap (hand) and paper towels and hand soap were not provided at hand sink in kitchen. Paper towels were provided later, but the only hand soap on site is in the bathroom. Hand soap must be provided at all times, as well as paper towels, in all hand sinks. No hand towels in bathroom. Corrected on site. Blenders were observed just being rinsed and scrubbed without soap. None were sanitized. Blenders were re-washed with soap. No test strips are available. Garbage can is sitting on grassy patch. Must sit on concrete pad approved during final inspection. Ceiling tiles were changed to some that are porous. Replace with smooth, non-absorbent and easy to clean tiles in the kitchen area. Light shield missing in bathroom. Establishment is closed until hand soap, paper towels and test strips are provided (inspection performed on Dec. 20, 2013).

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