January 6, 2014

Pennington has raised $374,676

Plans ‘aggressive’ approach in fundraising for governor’s race

Charles Oliver

— Dalton Mayor David Pennington says he’s “not dissatisfied” with how fundraising for his campaign for governor is going.

Pennington has raised $374,676.99 and has $241,330.35 on hand, according to information the campaign filed with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission Friday.

“We’d prefer to be further ahead. But this is a big state, and it takes time to build name recognition,” Pennington said.

Most of Pennington’s contributions come from the North Georgia area, where he had a number of individuals give the primary campaign maximum of $6,300. Those include Jack Bandy, M.M. (Sis) Brown, John Bryant, Smith Foster, Ellchai Hoenig, Frederick Howalt, Jim Jolly, Norris Little, Jeff Lorberbaum, G.L Lyle, Robert McEntire, Amy Peeples, Shelby Peeples Jr., Tom Peeples, W. Bryan Peeples, Willena Peeples, Robert Shaw, Russell Smith, Sharon Smith, J.P. Stanfield, Larry Swanson, Jackson Turner, John Waters and C. Kenneth White.

Gov. Nathan Deal, whom Pennington will challenge in the Republican primary this year, had not filed his year-end campaign finance report as of Monday. But in his mid-year 2013 filing, he reported raising $613,110 and having $1.124 million in cash on hand.

Neither state School Superintendent John Barge, who will also run in the Republican primary, nor Democratic state Sen. Jason Carter, who has also announced his candidacy for governor, had filed their year-end campaign disclosure reports Monday afternoon.

Pennington, Barge and Carter did not begin fundraising for their campaigns until after the mid-year 2013 forms had been filed.

“The good news for us is that the other candidates can’t be raising any money starting next week, and we can,” Pennington said.

The General Assembly’s 2014 session begins Monday, and Georgia law bars those holding state offices from raising campaign funds while the General Assembly is in session.

“We are getting more aggressive in fundraising. We are about to hire a full-time fundraiser,” Pennington said.

To see state campaign finance reports, go to ethics.ga.gov and click on ‘Search reports & records.’