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December 7, 2011

Dalton woman to face murder charge in February

Husband sentenced to prison


ELLIJAY — ‘In summation’

Parham said Shawn Ivey lied to investigators initially to protect his wife, believing they had an agreement to protect each other if Hade’s death came to light.

Parham showed a PowerPoint presentation of 13 people — including Loretta Ivey’s daughter, her son and his father, and numerous other men in her life — in an attempt to show “the string of people affected by Loretta Ivey.”

“Loretta brings people into her life and uses them against each other to get what she wants — the linchpin of the case is Loretta,” he said in summation before sentencing, and used court testimony in previous cases to show where both her son and daughter recanted allegations of child molestation that he said their mother had put them up to against some of the men in her life.

Hendricks admitted the true facts as to what happened are “muddled and confused.”

But he pointed out Shawn Ivey “admitted he entered into a conspiracy to conceal facts ... and cover up a murder.”

“He gave his version of what happened today when he lied before,” he said of Ivey’s testimony. “This is a decision (for pleading guilty of voluntary manslaughter) that Shawn Ivey has made. If you tell multiple people you killed somebody, you’re going to be a prime suspect ... the cold, hard evidence shows Shawn Ivey perpetrated this crime ... his testimony at this point is just not persuasive.”

Further, Hendricks said, Shawn Ivey “showed a callous disregard for the dignity of human life” in throwing Hade’s body into a kudzu patch, and “sufficient mercy” had already been granted him through the plea bargain.

Weaver said Loretta Ivey was “just as involved” as Shawn Ivey, and although the court didn’t know who actually hit Hade, “Loretta is just as capable mentally and physically” of the crime.

“There’s really no motive as to why this happened,” she said, other than mentioning alcohol and possibly drugs.

After the sentencing, Parham said the plea was “(Shawn’s) choice.”

“He would have been facing a life sentence (if convicted of a jury for murder),” said Parham. “It was his decision. If you ask him, I think he may say ‘I did the right thing’ (in pleading down).”

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