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December 7, 2011

Dalton woman to face murder charge in February

Husband sentenced to prison


ELLIJAY — Victim’s statement

Ed Hade of Dalton, John Hade’s brother, was in California on a business trip during the sentencing hearing, but emailed the DA’s office a victim’s statement at its request to be read into the court record.

“The range of emotions is simply overwhelming. The sadness. The anger. The sense of loss,” he wrote of “losing my brother in such a painful way.”

Ed Hade said his family is small and he only has a sister and two sons left.

“Shawn Ivey has brutally taken a large part of our family away from us,” he wrote. “My children have lost the only uncle they have known ... I want Shawn Ivey dead. Since that is not an option, I would like to see his life made as miserable as possible, and for as long as possible ...

“I beg this court to put the stone of justice forcefully to the back of his head.”

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