August 13, 2013

Finders seek owner of lost limb

Rachel Brown

— Somebody is missing their leg, and the two people who found it are anxious to reunite the artificial limb with its owner.

“My daughter and I noticed this leg on the side of the road Wednesday on our way home from a doctor’s appointment and turned around to retrieve it,” said Dalton resident Sharon Roberts. “It was on the north bypass, near Curt’s Restaurant.”

The device, with what Roberts believes is a men’s size 13, extra-wide shoe attached, was just lying on the side of the road. Roberts said she picked it up because she was afraid it would get messed up if she let it stay on the road.

The shoe has little wear and looks very new, Roberts said, but part of the leg portion looks like it might have been damaged as it fell out onto the road.

“I really want the person to have this back because I know they’ve got to be expensive,” Roberts said.

Roberts said her 11-year-old daughter, Kadee, helped her retrieve the artificial limb. If you have information about it, call (706) 272-7714 or send an email to Messages will be forwarded to Roberts.