February 3, 2014

The giver that keeps on giving

Whitfield schools get more anonymous donations

By Christopher Smith

— An individual or group responsible for giving nearly $1 million in donations to revitalize Southeast Whitfield High School’s athletic facilities during May 2013 hasn’t stopped there.

The school system received more donations from the same donor Monday night during the Board of Education meeting.

• $33,000 was given to help Southeast’s athletic department purchase pole vaulting equipment for their track program.

• $27,000 was given to Phoenix High School to purchase library stacks and shelving.

• $11,300 was given to help school officials pay for a sustainability study to see how practical it would be to build a swimming facility at Coahulla Creek High School. School officials said they are considering building an aquatic center at the school in the future.

• $10,000 was given to Northwest Whitfield High School to pay for fees associated with renting the Dalton High School pool facility and to buy swimming equipment.

• $3,000 was given to Dug Gap Elementary staff to improve the school parking lot.

Another $1,000 donation was given by Ron Johnson and his wife to Southeast to pay for ACT, SAT or AP exams for students who cannot pay for the test.

According to state law, donations have to be voted on by members of the school board. The board voted 4-0 Monday night to approve the donations. Chairman Louis Fordham, who was out of town during the meeting, was the only member not present.