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March 30, 2013

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County


Tijuana’s Mexican Restaurant, 2311 Chattanooga Road

Current score: 92

Current grade: A

Previous score: 90

Previous grade: A

Comments: Employee was observed rinsing a bucket and wiping cloth in handwashing sink. Handwashing sink may not be used for any other purpose. Beans were observed cooling in containers that were deep and filled to the top. They were not cooling properly as a result. They were split into additional containers and placed in walk-in freezer. Place food in shallow containers and do not fill them to cover them to allow greater release of heat. Utensils, mostly forks, were placed in tray with the food contact surface up. More utensils in a container did not face the same direction. Place utensils facing the same direction and with the handles up to avoid contaminating the food contact surface.

McDonald’s, 2445 E. Walnut Ave. (at Walmart)

Current score: 91

Current grade: A

Previous score: 93

Previous grade: A

Comments: Observed employee drink without a straw. Drinks are required to be in single-service cup with lid and straw. Both hand sinks were blocked with boxes and a garbage can. Hand sinks must remain fully accessible at all times. Coffee on the floor. Store all food six inches off floor. Employees handling food without proper hair restraints. All food handlers must wear hair restraints to prevent hair from contaminating food. Wiping cloths on countertops. Submerge cloths in sanitized solution when not in hand. Torn gaskets. Replace torn cooler gaskets.

Mr. Biscuit, 1904 Chattanooga Road

Current score: 90

Current grade: A

Previous score: 78

Previous grade: C

Comments: A reusable cup was observed in the kitchen that contained a personal drink. Employee drinks must be held in a single-service cup with lid and straw. A cloth bucket did not have appropriate strength; it was too weak. Maintain strength in bucket of 100 ppm when using chlorine.

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