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June 30, 2013

For several county schools, July means new leadership


Storey ‘hopes for improvement’ at Eastbrook

Principal Wanda Storey, who came to Eastbrook Middle School as assistant principal three years ago, said she also sees a need to improve CCRPI scores. Eastbrook received a score of 76.4. The state average for middle schools was 81.4.

Replacing an old 1960s building with a new tech-driven school last August cost taxpayers $24 million.

“I think it was a learning year,” Storey said, “especially for those who are a bit older. Some of the younger teachers came in with this new technology and knew how to use it. For those of us who are a little bit grayer, it was interesting to learn all that. It is difficult to go from hardly any technology to having a lot of technology.”

Storey said most teachers have adjusted to the culture shock and that could mean the CCRPI score improves.

She also said she has several ideas on how to improve math and language arts scores, but didn’t want to disclose them publicly until she talks to Gilreath and central office administrators.

“But we’ve already talked about changing the class schedule to focus more on those subjects,” Storey said. “Last year we spent about 55 minutes a day on math and language arts. That will go up to 90 minutes.

“We will also have a zero period: 40-50 minutes focused on enriching students to excel, while catching other students who are struggling. We are working diligently. We do hope for improvement.”

McLemore to get Valley Point ‘going in the right direction’

Principal Doris McLemore, who came to Valley Point Elementary School from Gordon County Schools, said she is also looking closely at CCRPI data to figure out why the school received a score of 65. The elementary school state average was 83.4.

“I really hope to increase the CCRPI scores,” she said. “I have to sit down and go through every bit of that. Math seems to be a weak area and we will hopefully take some baby steps to see improvement each year.”

Asked what steps she plans to take, McLemore said she would need time to transition between school systems before drafting a concrete plan.

“I’ll look closely at our data and look at our weaknesses and put extra support in those areas,” she said. “I am still in the process of figuring out where things are in the building, trying to look through things and familiarize myself with everything.”

She said she has a background as a literacy coach to help students struggling with reading recovery so helping an entire school recover from a “low” CCRPI score should come natural.

“I’m excited to start and get things going in the right direction,” she said.

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