April 1, 2013

Hydrant testing to begin

Rachel Brown

— Today, Dalton firefighters begin a month-long process to test and flush each of the more than 1,100 fire hydrants in the city.

The annual process ensures the hydrants are working properly in case of fire, officials said.

Dalton Utilities spokeswoman Lori McDaniel said employees there are working with the fire department to ensure customers don’t experience service interruptions.

“During previous flow testing, the utility has received complaints of ‘dirty water’ during the flow testing process,” McDaniel said. “While we work with the fire department and flush the lines as they do their flow testing, the water pressure in the pipes changes and can dislodge sediment from the sides of the water pipes, which causes the water to appear dirty or cloudy.

“Should a customer experience this, they should simply run cold water from their faucets for several minutes until it runs clear. If the water does not clear up after a few minutes of running, please call Dalton Utilities at (706) 278-1313 for assistance.”