October 10, 2013

Police: Man pulls gun on other driver

From Staff Reports

— A Dalton man was charged with pointing a gun at another driver during what police said appears to be a road rage incident.

Terry Lynn Underwood, 56, of 1700 Water Road, was charged Wednesday by the Dalton Police Department with aggravated assault with a gun. Underwood was in the process of making his $5,000 bond late Thursday afternoon, a jail officer said.

According to witness accounts detailed in an incident report, Underwood, the alleged victim and the alleged victim’s brother were in separate vehicles on Thornton Avenue near the intersection with Walnut Avenue Wednesday night. The brothers told police they were planning to go to Papa John’s in Bry-Man’s Plaza. One brother was preparing to turn onto East Walnut Avenue, and the alleged victim was in front of Underwood in the center lane, slowing down to try to get Underwood to go around him after believing Underwood was following him too closely, according to the report.

The alleged victim told police that when they got to the intersection, he and Underwood lowered their windows, and Underwood used profanity to ask if he had a problem, then said, “I have something for you.” Underwood then allegedly leaned out of his vehicle and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the other driver, according to the report.

The alleged victim said he told his brother to call 911, while he turned through a grassy area to get away from Underwood. The brother followed Underwood at first but stopped when he saw police officers and told them what had happened. Authorities later caught up to Underwood, who denied the story.

“Underwood claimed that there had been a car that came up beside him on Thornton, but no one exited their vehicles, nor did he point a firearm at (the alleged victim),” according to the report. “Underwood did admit to possessing a Glock pistol, which was stored in the center console of his truck.”

None of the people involved in the incident could immediately be reached for comment.