November 15, 2012

Girls help clothe the less fortunate

Charles Oliver

— The founders of Leviticus Company know that sometimes foster children arrive in their new homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. So they decided to set up a “store” where foster children in Whitfield County can come in and pick out a new wardrobe for free.

That’s a big undertaking, especially considering that the four founders are all under the age of 11.

Leviticus grew out of a Girl Scout project the four did last year where they were asked to think of a way they could change the world.

“We started thinking about foster care and the things they don’t have. And we started thinking about people that have things they don’t need anymore and how they could use that,” said Jaci Marshall, 9.

Sophia Davis, 9, said their thoughts were drawn to children because they wondered what it would be like to be in that situation.

“We wanted to do something to help people,” Sophia said.

That’s how Jaci and Sophia, along with Adreyanna Ray, 10, and Alexis Ray, 8, came up with the idea for the Leviticus Company. Now, with the help of their mothers, their idea is becoming a reality.

“They came up with the idea about a year ago and started putting things together. But we are really just now starting to get the ball rolling,” said Elizabeth Davis, who also served as one of the girls’ scout masters.

Davis says that the project has become a labor of love not only for the girls but their siblings and other family members.

“We are working out of boxes now, but we are getting some clothing racks. We want to have a place where these kids can come and pick out the clothes they want. We don’t want to deliver bags of clothes to them. We want to empower them,” Davis said.

The group has been in talks with the Whitfield County Department of Family and Children Services, which will refer children to Leviticus when they enter the foster care system. Right now, Leviticus is trying to gather clothes for the project, which is housed in The Bridge Apostolic Church on Cleveland Highway.

“We’ve got so many clothes and accessories. I ask everyone I meet, and so many people have been so generous,” Davis said. “We have pocketbooks. We have accessories. We have baby clothes, and we have adult clothes because some children are adult sized.”

Those who are interested in donating can contact Davis at (706) 913-6104.

“Call me, and I’ll come pick them up. We want things that kids can wear to school,” she said.

Carmen Marshall, Jaci’s mother and the wife of Bridge pastor Shadow Marshall, says she was happy when the girls came up with an idea to help others.

“It shows they aren’t just thinking about themselves anymore. That’s a sign of maturity,” she said. “We saw their dream and sort of ran with it because it is such a good cause. It has taken us longer than we expected, but we think it’s really going to make a difference.”