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April 20, 2014

Dallas Satterfield: The intern’s tips for winning prom

As the youngest male in The Daily Citizen newsroom and a senior at Murray County High School, I asked if I could test my writing skills and help my fellow high school-age males have a great prom.

That’s right ladies, I said males.

I haven’t kept up with Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Seventeen magazines lately so I can’t help you with finding that perfect dress or tell you what makeup you should wear with that perfect dress. Take it from a one-time veteran of the prom, there are three keys to focus on: your look, your date (not necessary) and having fun.

That ‘Gatsby-swag’

You need to make sure that you look good for your date. If you’re going without a plus one, you need to look good for the other singles that are ready to mingle. If you want to go with a traditional tuxedo, make sure you buy it so you can make adjustments with the use of a tailor. For your date’s sake, don’t wear a top hat and bring a cane. A tux is also unnecessary to make you the flyest guy on the dance floor. A well-fitted suit can do the same job. I say well-fitted because loose-fitting can be very unflattering, whether it makes you appear to gain an extra 10 pounds or look like a child wearing his dad’s work suit.  

Make sure the shoulder seams actually hit at your shoulder. Your jacket sleeves shouldn’t go past your thumbs and should also be able to show some cuff from your shirt sleeves. Make sure your pants are not too long or too short. To get the best length, you should have pants touching the top of your shoe at your ankle.

Remember to sweat the details, because your date will be sweating as well. Make sure that your colors match your date’s dress. Have a tie or bow tie that matches the desired color. A very small thing that guys tend to skip but could set your look off is a great pocket square. It draws attention to your chest so people can begin to look at the rest of your detailed look. Go on YouTube to learn about different folds and find out what looks best with your suit or tux. In the words of the most interesting Jenny Lock, “Pocket squares have a certain Gatsby-swag.”

Make sure you have socks that go with your colors. If you are going on your own, don’t worry about sticking to traditional colors. Have an interesting patterned tie or experiment with untraditional colors. Remember that black goes with every color. Say no to the cummerbund. It will make you look like an old man at an art exhibit opening.

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