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July 14, 2013

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County

Whitfield County Environmental Health conducts inspections of restaurants. The inspectors may require a re-inspection. Restaurants are required by law to post their most recent inspection permit.

The Daily Citizen lists areas where the establishments are out of compliance with the regulations. Recent restaurant scores for all six counties within the North Georgia Health District are available at www.nghd.org.

Mariscos Puerto Vallarta, 1205 S. Thornton Ave.

Current score: 97

Current grade: A

Previous score: 98

Previous grade: A

Comments: Repair leak at vegetable prep sink.

The Health Zone No. 2, Vida Activa Saludable, 214 E. Morris St.

Current score: 94

Current grade: A

Previous score: 99

Previous grade: A

Comments: No sanitizer detected in cloth bucket on sink. Maintain 100 ppm chlorine in bucket and 50 ppm in sink. Solution changed out. Corrected on site. Restroom door is not fully self-closing. Door must be fully self-closing. Finish painting wall and replace ceiling tiles — storage.

Southern Smoke BBQ, 3440 Cleveland Highway

Current score: 93

Current grade: A

Previous score: 95

Previous grade: A

Comments: ServSafe certificate has expired earlier this month. Test date is still not scheduled. Schedule an exam ASAP. Certified Food Safety Manager must be on staff. Pulled pork was observed cooling in room temperature. Proper cooling many not be met this way due to high room temperature in kitchen. Food still has one hour to cool from current time to less than 70 degrees. Food has been placed in ice bath in walk-in cooler. Educational material on cooling provided. Corrected on site.

Fuji Japanese Steak, Seafood and Sushi House, 1321 W. Walnut Ave., Suite 1

Current score: 92

Current grade: A

Previous score: 85

Previous grade: B

Comments: Food stored on the floor. Store all food 6 inches up off floor. Self-serve bubble gum is not permitted. Wiping cloths sitting on counter. Store cloths in sanitizer when not in hand. Cloth buckets on floor. Do not store buckets on floor. In-use spoon in water. Do not store utensils in room temperature water. Torn gaskets on prep cooler. Replace gaskets. Seal gap under door to outside.

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