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July 6, 2013

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County


Shoney’s, 1302 W. Walnut Ave.

Current score: 80

Current grade: B

Previous score: 84

Previous grade: B

Comments: Swiss cheese at 45 degrees, milk at 31 degrees, ham at 48 degrees, cream at 46.7 degrees. Hold potentially hazardous foods at 41 degrees or lower. Discarded. Pork chops at 105 degrees. Hold potentially hazardous foods at 135 degrees or higher. Discarded. Unlabeled chemical bottle. Label all bottles with common name of contents. Labeled correctly. Corrected on site. Hair restraints required for all food handlers. Wiping cloths sitting on counters. Submerge cloths in sanitizer when not in hand. Replace broken floor tiles.

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