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July 12, 2013

‘What the Lord wants you to do’

Porter hopes to foster ‘callings’ at Christian Heritage


From pizza delivery to principal

Finding out what God wants you to do is the difference between “a career and a calling,” Porter said.

“Part of it is desiring to fulfill what God has called you to do,” he said. “Even outside of that faith, people still need to do what they’re passionate about. I run into so many adults that work at a job that’s miserable, that they just don’t enjoy.”

For Porter, that job was working as an owner of Domino’s Pizza in Kansas City. Not that he outright hated the job, he said, but it was “stressful, hard work” and a detour from his drive to teach.

An eight-year detour.

“I was two years into studying Christian education (at Calvary Bible College in Missouri) and a few things happened in my home: parents divorced, a few other things,” Porter said. “So, basically I put the brakes on all that and had to go to work and a friend of mine said, ‘Hey, why don’t you go and drive for this Domino’s Pizza with me?’ And I needed income.”

By 22, he owned his own store, Porter said.

“I worked hard and did well and Domino’s helped me start,” he said. “But the Lord reminded me of this commitment I made to education. So I got out of the Domino’s ... Since I’ve gotten out of that there’s not a day that I haven’t gotten excited for my job.”

After he got his bachelor’s in education from Liberty University, Porter started teaching, coaching and maintaining a “fun” career renovating historic Kansas City apartments during the summers.

“Eventually I was called into administration and I couldn’t take summers off,” he said.

After earning a master’s degree in administration from Liberty University, he moved to Eustis, Fla., in 2003. He worked at Blue Lake Academy in Eustis, then Whitesburg Christian Academy in Huntsville, Ala., in 2009, and Ben Lippen School in Columbus, S.C., in 2010, where he was high school principal before coming to Christian Heritage.

Mickey Bowdon, headmaster of Ben Lippen, said in a news release that Porter has a “passion” for students and will “certainly be missed.”

What kept Porter moving around the Southeast so much?

“I enjoy the culture here, the values and what families stand for,” he said. “Christian education is thriving in the Southeast. In other parts of the country it’s struggling.”

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