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February 13, 2013

Rep. Tom Graves' response to Obama's State of the Union

To watch U.S. Rep. Tom Graves' response to President Obama's State of the Union address, click here.



Good evening, I’m Congressman Tom Graves of Georgia.

America is a patchwork of unique states, with unique communities. Together, through our families, faith and hard work, we all contribute to form a more perfect Union.


In the last four years, we’ve seen Washington growing more powerful and attempting to shape our lives. Rather than respect the differences that make our Union, Washington seeks to make us uniform.


The president’s State of the Union address captured the power struggle we have in America today.


It’s clear that the president wants to expand Washington’s power. From raising taxes to infringing on our Second Amendment rights, we see the long arm of the federal government reaching ever deeper into our wallets, our homes, our businesses and our communities.

Think about it this way: Washington just took over $600 billion out of our communities with the latest tax increases. It wrapped its arms around one-fifth of our economy with the national health care law. It shackles our state budgets by refusing to modernize entitlements. Even young kids are getting a taste, literally, with their new federal diet at public schools.

After four years of this, our national debt has exploded, the economy remains fragile and millions of Americans are still struggling to find jobs.

President Obama’s vision for our country puts Washington first. I believe in putting Georgia first.


The question of our future is, how do we transfer power out of Washington and let our state and local communities lead?

One of the best ways to achieve this is through a balanced budget. It’s the commonsense solution for our debt problem, and it would require Washington to work more efficiently. The road to a balanced budget must have modern, 21st century solutions to the tax, spending and entitlement problems from the last century.

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