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May 16, 2014

Candidate profile, Loyd: Board members, teachers arbiters of morality

— Frank Loyd says he’s sometimes scared about the world his granddaughter is inheriting. It seems like every other headline is about a teacher or a student caught doing something wrong, he said.

“She is a very sensitive young girl with a heart for people,” he said. “I can already see this and I’m thankful for that and I hope I can be a grandfather that can instill that value on an even deeper level.”

That’s why Loyd says he’s running for the District 5 seat on the Murray County Board of Education. Loyd faces incumbent Robbie Moore in Tuesday’s Republican primary. The district includes the downtown Chatsworth area but residents county-wide can vote in the election. No Democrats qualified.

Loyd says his biggest concern is making sure teachers are “held to a higher standard.”

“I think our teachers have to be held to an ethical standard that we as board members need to be held to,” he said. “We need to be held to an ethical standard, too.”

So how do you do that?

“Well, there are lots of policies already in place,” he said. “So it’s just, as a board, if something does come up, you have got to address it. We don’t try to hide it or sweep it under the rug to make ourselves look good.”

Only then will students take the authority of educators seriously, Loyd said. Which is important, he added, in a world where “drugs, alcohol and immorality” are easily accessible through things like the Internet and social media. Pressure to take part in those things is also at an unprecedented level, he added.

“Those things will destroy the next generation unless we set the example,” he said. “That’s my purpose and my goal for running.”

Loyd says he is also interested in digging into the school budget to see where cost savings might be found.

“I know to the media and some people in the school that the budget is an important issue, but, really, my big thing is that we get so focused on spending that it can be distracting from the kids,” he said. “And yes, if we spend foolishly we take away from the students. They are the ones who suffer, so I do want to look at that.”

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