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February 13, 2014

Ready to move on

Many say they enjoyed snow but want mess over

If you have to go to work on what for many people is a snow day, you might as well make the most of it.

Chris Clark said he drove from Varnell to the Green Spot in downtown Dalton this week where he works, turning work into play by clearing the empty parking lot by doing “doughnuts” in his pickup truck.

“Yearly tradition every time it snows here,” Clark said, laughing.

Yet Clark, like Tyler Moilen and Pam Poteet who also work at the locally owned grocery, was ready on Thursday after several days of snowballs, slushy/snowy roads and altered schedules for the snow to clear out and life to get back to normal.

Others echoed those sentiments.

“It was fun, but I wouldn’t want to be where it does this all the time,” said Steve Souther, who was shoveling snow from the sidewalks in front of Glaze Supply in downtown Dalton.

With school canceled for Dalton Public Schools, Murray County Schools and Whitfield County Schools for most of the week, most students had several extra days at home or with friends, and many of their parents stayed home from work as emergency crews advised everyone to stay off the roads. Roads in some areas were impassable even for those who wanted to get out.

This week marks the first snow of the year with significant accumulation over several days — anywhere from 4 to 8 inches in most areas of Whitfield and Murray counties, although some of it melted and evaporated before more began falling. Many schooled and occasional artists went outdoors to create snowmen, snow ladies in Hawaiian skirts, snow monsters with “scales” and other varieties of temporary monuments.

In Dalton, Wendy Hanson said she and granddaughter Emily Chambers, 8, had fun making snow cream, building snowmen, sledding and “trying to keep gloves and feet dry.”

“Also trying to compete with our New York relatives (on how many) inches of snow (we have),” she added.

Still, Hanson said cabin fever had set in for the family by Thursday and they were ready to get out again.

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