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July 9, 2014

Eton native stars on TV again

Dr. Ruthie Crider featured in “Untold Stories of the ER”

Whoever said minutes of fame need be limited to 15?

After a turn in the spotlight last year — starring in the television series “Untold Stories of the ER” — Eton native Ruthie Crider will hit the screen again this week, and a third time, soon thereafter.

“Last year, I felt like (the television appearance) was so well-received by the community. Everyone really enjoyed the show, including my kids and family,” Crider said. “So, when the producers got signed on for another season, and reached out to me to come back and film two more shows, I took the opportunity to submit more stories.”

Crider, a nationally board certified emergency room physician, is set to appear in two episodes of the series’ ninth season, beginning with the premiere “Turtle Trouble” on Friday.

“Untold Stories of the ER” is a docudrama featuring real emergency room doctors sharing some of their more puzzling cases. The show airs on the Teaching and Learning Channel (TLC) and Discovery Fit & Health.

The Murray County High School graduate (1995) said she was again this year invited to film in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she spent two full days working on set.

 “I was much more relaxed and had a lot more fun with it. I knew what to expect, and felt like I, maybe, made more progress as an actress — although I could still use a lot more coaching. It was definitely easier this time around and I enjoyed it a lot more,” Crider said. “What was really interesting about this season is I was able to help some friends submit stories and also get on the show. So, that will make this time around even more special.”

Crider said she was fascinated by the amount of effort that goes into producing even a small amount of television — which included not only two days in Vancouver, but another in Statesboro, where she is now, for interviews.

“So many people — producers, directors, writers, actors and more — are involved in putting together this small part of the show. Just to film one segment, which is about 13 minutes long, takes around 13 hours — a full day,” she said. “It really impressed me. And the people involved are all so committed, energetic and sharp. It really was amazing.”

The first of two episodes featuring Crider will air Friday at 9 p.m. on Discovery Fit & Health. The episode will air again, on TLC, on Saturday, July 26, at 9 p.m.

The second episode is scheduled to air Friday, Aug. 8, at 9 p.m. (Discovery Fit & Health) and Saturday, Aug. 23, at 9 p.m. (TLC).

Both cases “are about solving a mystery” surrounding patients’ injuries, Crider said.  

Crider currently works as a practicing emergency room physician at East Georgia Regional Hospital in Statesboro, with Georgia Emergency Associates.

She grew up on a family farm in Murray County, the daughter of Judge and Mrs. Charles Pannell Jr. of Eton. Crider is married to Bill Crider, and has two sons, Billy, 6, and Bozeman, 4.

She said she was blown away by the reception to her first television appearance by friends and family in both communities.

“Everybody loves talking about the show, for sure. Everyone keeps telling me that they want to go with me next time to film their roles. That’s been really funny,” she said. “You cross your fingers and hope for another season, and that they’d ask me back, because it has really been a lot of fun.”

Also, there has been an unexpected benefit from the notoriety.

“Friends of mine, and their children, that watched the show were so interested. I hope that I fostered some desire in the kids to go to medical school, or into the medical profession,” Crider said. “That is definitely a benefit that I did not anticipate. So many teenagers and kids were watching, and I think it may have sparked an interest in many of them.”

In Crider’s debut episode last season, her parents appeared in a brief cameo — as people in the hospital waiting room.

Her mother, Kate Pannell, made the trip to Vancouver again this year.

“It was very exciting, and a very interesting experience,” Pannell said.

The proud mother is still stopped in the grocery store by friends who recently saw her daughter on a rerun of the show, she said.

Pannell said she and her husband could not be happier for their daughter.

“It is a long road to becoming a doctor, but she has stuck with it and we are so very proud of her,” she said.

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